Cost basis is assigned to any transaction that is considered taxable. 

For any trade where a US Dollar price is available, the cost basis will be derived off of the provided US Dollar price. If no US Dollar price is available, Lukka will source the price from Lukka Prime that is closest to the transaction time. 

The cost basis can be manually adjusted on the "Sub-Ledger" page.

In order to adjust your cost basis, please make sure it's taxable first, you may need to change the toggle. Then click on the cost basis box.

After you've entered your cost basis press Save, then click Update Ledger to process your transactions.

NOTE: Lukka does not provide tax advice. The statements above are general in nature and do not address how the application of the tax rules can vary based on a taxpayer’s actual facts. Please consult a tax professional on how the tax rules apply to your specific facts.

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