Here is a step by step guide for uploading transaction files. After exporting the correct file from your exchange:

1. Navigate to the Account page then click on Add New Account.

2. Enter Account Name and select the Source/Wallet from the drop-down.

3. If your exchange is not listed in the drop download then please select Lukka

3. Then click on Load Data. Once you click on load data you will see the Manual Upload page where you can select the file format and transaction file type to upload your file.

Helpful information: 

  • Only upload one file at a time

  • Each file should not be more than 1mb

  • Files should be unaltered in the exact format that you download them in.

  • Click here to find more information on how to find your transaction files.

Please Note:
If you are unable to load your file and you get an error message please double check you selected the correct exchange and file type. If that information is correct, you may have exported the wrong file from your exchange. Please go to our FAQs on file exports. If you still cannot upload your file, you may want to make sure the data in your file is consistent 

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