Mining income can be loaded into Lukka. However, please note that the majority of mining income will appear in your transaction history as deposits of cryptocurrency.

Please execute the following steps to load your mining related income into Lukka accurately and efficiently.

  1. Import your mining transactions via the File Upload page or add manually on the Add Transfers page. 

  2. Go to the Sub Ledger page and switch the relevant treatment type of the transactions to 'Mining Income (Income & Acquisition)'.

Mining income will be added to your income from other sources to calculate your total income.

For more information on the different treatment types available in Lukka click here.

NOTE: Lukka does not provide tax advice. The statements above are general in nature and do not address how the application of the tax rules can vary based on a taxpayer’s actual facts. Please consult a tax professional on how the tax rules apply to your specific facts.

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