Institutional users have two options for retrieving API data: ad hoc retrieval and scheduled retrieval. The most common option is to schedule.

To retrieve data ad hoc: use the "Accounts" page

  1. Select Run API.

  2. Select all desired transaction types.

  3. Click Run Now.

Please note- depending on the volume of transactions, this process may take some time, so check the progress periodically. To check in on the progress of a specific transaction type, click on the name of the account (on the left of the screen) to display details of the transaction types. This window will also display the status of each job by transaction type to provide guidance on which steps are in progress and which steps are completed.

To retrieve data through a scheduled feed: use the "Schedule" tab on the "Accounts" page

  1. Click into Accounts, then Schedule.

  2. Select Add Schedule.

  3. Select the account.

  4. Set the intended schedule start date, end date, and recurrence.

  5. Select all of the transaction types that should be included in this scheduled job. Any transaction types not applicable for the account that was chosen will be grayed out and unavailable for selection.

  6. Select Save.

Please note- to delete a scheduled feed, click the trash can at the right-hand side of the screen to remove the schedule.

Essentials users can not schedule API data retrieval. Essentials users can enter their API keys it will run automatically. Additionally, they can can run it on-demand at any time.

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