To process your data, go to the Processing tab found in the header menu.

First, you need to create a processing perimeter-which is crucial in defining and calculating the gain/loss of an entity. To create a processing perimeter:

  1. Click the Process Now button at the top-left corner of the perimeter box.
  2. Name the processing perimeter name and click on Add Item.
  3. Select the desired Accounting Methodology, as well as the transaction date range. Please note that the pricing source is inherited at an entity level and is shown on this tab as a reminder.

4. User also has the ability to specify accounts to include in a gain/loss perimeter.

You can either select specific accounts to include in a gain/loss perimeter or include all accounts in a perimeter.

5. Click Run Now to initiate gain/loss processing.

Please note- that you may now close out of the Process Now box, as the gain/loss job will continue to run in the background

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