To create a new entity go to the Admin Portal, click the Create Entity button on the page. Once Create Entity page pop-ups enter the following-

  1. Entity Name: the name of the entity.

  2. Parent Entity: the name of the parent group that the entity belongs to. If blank, the newly created entity will by default become a parent entity.

  3. Accounting Method: the accounting method is the method that will be applied to the entity as a whole. While only applicable to entities that require gain/loss processing, this is a required field. Lukka Software offers three accounting methods: FIFO, LIFO & HIFO.

  4. Pricing Source: the pricing source applied to the entity as a whole. Lukka Software offers several pricing sources by default: Coincap, CoinMarketCap, Lukka Prime Intraday, Lukka Prime EOD or you can create a custom pricing.

  5. Feature Assignment: institutional users may add or restrict users from accessing certain features. When institutional users create child entities, all features will be inherited from the child entity.

For assistance on feature groups, please contact Lukka customers service.

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