This article will walk you through the different tabs for the Lukka Software Suite.


  1. To add a new account, click "+ New Account"

  2. Use the search bar on the Account Creation page to search for which exchange, wallet, platform you'd like to add. Click "Next", which will redirect you to the Accounts page and create the new account.

  3. Click "Load Data" to upload a file from this exchange, enter transactions manually, and/or enter starting balances

  4. Click "Add API Key" to enter API keys for this exchange. Note: If the "Add API Key" is greyed out, this means API functionality is not available for this exchange at this time.

Raw Transactions

  1. To view different transactions click on the corresponding tabs at the top of the screen (Trades, Transfers, Derivatives, or Profits and Losses).

  2. To edit transactions, click on the "Edit Mode" toggle to enable editing mode.

  3. After making changes, click "Save."

Sub Ledger

  1. Click "Update Ledger" to update the sub ledger page with the latest data.

  2. Use the filters in the top left of the screen to filter for transfers, duplicated transactions, and transactions that are missing cost basis.

  3. After updating the ledger, use the "Treatment" column to change the accounting treatment of the transaction


  1. On the Computed Balance tab, select the date you want to run the balance as of and click "Run Now"

Tax Center

  1. Navigate to the "Tax Center" tab

  2. Select the year you want to generate tax reports for and select the corresponding filing timezone for that year

  3. Click "Generate Reports"

4. On the Tax Forms/Reports tab, you can select which reports you would like to download. Select the reports and click "Download." If you have not paid for that tax year reports yet, you will be redirected to the payment page in order for reports to start downloading.

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