To create your API Key from Bitstamp, please follow the steps below-

Step 1- Log in Bitstamp account

Step 2- Open account dashboard. Click "Account" on the top right corner.

Follow to API

Step 3- Click "Security" then "API Access" on the left side menu.

Step 4- Click "New API Key"

If you're creating the first API key on Bitstamp, skip this.

Step 5 - Select permissions

Please note: when inputting the API keys please input Read-Only keys.

Step 6- Submit

Don't change other settings.

If you have 2FA on Bitstamp:

Step 7- Activate

Step 7- Confirm with email. Open the email from Bitstamp and confirm.

Step 8- select the "Add API keys" button on your Bitstamp account on the "Accounts" page in the Lukka software and paste them the appropriate fields.

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