To create your API Key from Coinbase, please follow the steps below-

Step 1- Go to your Coinbase account.

Step 2- Click "Settings".

Step 3- Click "API Access" in the settings bar.

Step 4- Click "New API Key". If you are asked for your password at this step, type your password. If asked for a two-factor token, enter your token. Then hit "Verify".

Step 5- Under "Accounts" select the Coinbase account you want.

Step 6- Under the "API v2 permissions" section, select the "read-only" permission
Step 7- For allowed IP addresses, leave it blank.

Step 8- Click "Create"

Step 9- Your API Key and API Secret should now be shown. Copy your API Key

and Secret Key. Go to the "Accounts" page in the Lukka Software and click "Add API Keys" on your Coinbase account. Then paste them into the appropriate fields.

Coinbase oauth

  • When a user clicks on the Add API Keys button, they can log in directly to their Coinbase account and grant permission for Lukka to link their accounts and pull their transaction history directly.

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