• Open your Abra app.

  • Tap: on the main menu (the icon in the upper left corner)

  • Tap: 'Transaction History'

  • Tap: the 'Export transaction history' button*

  • Select: the year you'd like to export

  • Verify: the email listed is the one you'd like this information sent to. You can also update it if need be.

  • Confirm: Please read and confirm by checking the circle in the lower left of your section.

  • Next: The circle will turn green with a check mark inside and the 'email reports' button will turn purple.

  • Tap: 'Email reports'

  • Tap: 'OK'

Please note- Generally, your report should arrive in 30mins but since this is still a new process please wait 24hrs before reaching out to Abra support team and be sure to check your spam folder.

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